Coir-On Mattresses Posh (78in X 48in)

25,235.00 21,450.00

  • Viscose Knitted Fabric

    Viscose knitted fabric are very popular due to their renowned features such a premium quality, low-maintenance and durability.

  • Quilt

    Mattresses is finished with an extra layer of foam padding that is Quilted together with the outer cover.

  • Memory Foam (NASA)

    A dream material invited in 1966 by NASA’s AMES Research Centre, which helps in making the body freely float on the mattressand improve

    High Density PU Foam

    Polyurethane (PUR and PU) Foam is a soft and soothing material which is chemically inter and commonly used in the manufacturing of mattress, giving an additional comfort to the person.


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